Such a corny intro, and I’m partially kidding. Anyhow, this is the “About” section. 

It all started from a young tender babe that I wanted to be a Fabulous Vegan. I didn’t know how I would conquer such a feat, but I was determined. Just look at those big dreamy eyes, only babes can dream a vision so big. So, here we are today many years later, to making my vegan dreams come true. Thank you, firstly, for stopping by my blog page! I’m thrilled and excited about sharing the vegan lifestyle with those who are interested, aspiring, and/or already vegan. It’s all love ♥

Around these here parts of the interwebs you will find recipes, fashion/style, and lifestyle posts all dedicated to loving and growing as a vegan. Now, I’m not new to being vegan, yet I make a brand new discovery about it every moment of my day. (I’m not joking, even when I should totally focus on my tasks at work I go into thinking about the vegan lifestyle at large). This is a lifestyle I have fallen more and more in love with each day, and I live to make great tasting food! I kind of sort of don’t have much else to say in this “About” section….but hey if you have any questions, just contact me on the provided social media links throughout the site! I’m friendly and promise not to want to throw celery stalks at my computer screen. Well…let me not make promises I can’t keep, however, I am friendly.

***Kidding, I would never waste such an excellent source of sodium by throwing it, sheesh, what kind of monster do you think I am?!?

Again welcome to Fabulously Vegan! I hope you love it with your Fabulous Self!

Signing off,

Miss Fab