What’s a Vegan Anyway???

What’s a Vegan Anyway???

Living in the midwest I actually get this question a lot. Compared to other regions I’ve lived, it’s SLOWLY but SURELY becoming known. It’s exciting to see the lifestyle grow in smaller cities! Yet I still get the usual question…

Question: So, what’s a vegan anyway???

Answer:   A vegan is a person that does not consume nor wear anything from an animal. No fish, no butter, no dairy, no cheese, (usually people freak out when I say no cheese) no leather, no fur, and no suede. A vegan person does not support animal cruelty in any facet, including animal testing.

Question: Why would anyone choose to become vegan?

Answer:   Well, there are many reasons one would choose to abstain from the unnecessary killing of animals. A person may begin the lifestyle for health reasons. There are many benefits a plant-based lifestyle such as reversing ailments, weight loss, improvement of digestive system, and even an increase of energy (without caffeine). Many choose to relieve the suffering of innocent animals because we believe animals are sentient beings. Then, the environment is also a concern. Being vegan helps save rain forests, with the increasing need for land for animal agriculture, we are now causing much harm to our environment. Animal agriculture is responsible for the destruction of the Amazon.

Being vegan helps save Earth, with the increasing need for land for animal agriculture, we are now causing much harm to our environment. Animal agriculture is responsible for the destruction of the Amazon Rain Forest, water scarcity due to water consumption needed for animal agribusiness, and habitat loss and displacement of animals due to land being needed for livestock. We need vegans more than ever, believe me, we do make a huge impact.

Question:  Is it hard living a vegan lifestyle?

Answer:   Of course not! There are so many options to eat delicious and healthy foods, look chic and stylish (honestly vegans are not as granola as we were in the 1970’s), and with the amount of growing vegan chefs, like me, you will never suffer! Even popular food chains have become invested in the lifestyle by having plant-based options available! Being vegan is as abundant and plentiful as any other lifestyle.

Question:   How do I  begin a vegan lifestyle?

Answer:   I say start with what you’re eating. It’s super easy to start your day with fruit, juice, and or a smoothie. I’m not encouraging anyone to abandon eating meat all at once, well…I am but with a graceful transition. Start with one meal a day. That can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Even better, make sure your snacks are all vegan. Taking on too much at once can be overwhelming and discouraging. This lifestyle isn’t a race, it is about enjoying your journey and building a strong conviction for yourself. Once I went vegan, I fell in love day by day. I wish the same for anyone on their vegan journey!

Vegucate yourself! Yes, that is a word…I think. Anyhow, learn about being vegan through literature (like this blog you’re reading now), documentaries, vegan groups on social media, and your nearby vegan community -we love new comers! I hope this answers  a few of those common questions, however if you want more, just let me know!


Yours truly




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