My Life My Joy!!

My Life My Joy!!

Three months ago I made the decision to work for myself. Wow…the transition from working a 9-5, or rather a 7:30am (more like 7:45am because I was often late) to 5:30pm 4 days a week, has been wonderful. Definitely not perfect, a lot of errors and plenty of growing opportunities-but I wouldn’t change anything for the world! Earlier this evening I had the pleasure of being a street vendor. I was a little nervous to be honest. I had worked as a vendor with other companies I’ve been employed with but never had I had my own purpose and company to represent.  Once I agreed to take the opportunity I began to figure out what I should serve. My goal is to make the vegan lifestyle accessible, tasty, and comforting all the while being fabulous. I decided to serve the Orange Chipotle Chili and My Maple Jalepeno Fresh Corn Cornbread. Who knew it would be such a hit!

I sampled the Chili and after the sample many opted to buy a bowl along with the cornbread! They couldn’t believe the Chili was so flavorful without meat! I invited my new friends along the vegan journey by trying my food and creating the dialogue that meat and animal bi-products were unnecessary. I didn’t have any posters available discussing animal cruelty. I however, if even for the moment, welcomed everyone to try it one meal without meat and dairy one moment at a time. I want as many people to know that by not consuming animals we are not only compassionate with our bodies but the world around us!

This evening was unexpectedly joyful and quite rewarding. I am grateful to be given the platform to be of service and spreading the vegan gospel to anyone who’ll listen. This has become my life and absolutely grateful for this journey. Thank you to everyone who is on this path with me! Stay tuned, more fabulousness is coming your way!

Yours truly,

Fabulously Vegan <3